Monday, December 17, 2012


I personify everything. The peices of myself. The elements of my faith. I know this about myself. I thought I knew it well.

Then I had last night's epiphany: I also personify my the form of prose.

Forbidden Ones (Sven Nulis): the journey for self-worth
Immortal Blood (Zero Naken, Arisa Greene, Rio Enroku, Rica Zeo): the quest for purpose
Mage Assassin (which is only a few notes right now): the hardship of leaving one's faith

Which explains why I get attached to certain stories and can't seem to write anything stand-alone. Each series is a journey, not just for my characters, but for me, as well.

That's why I feel the need to get everything just right. Each step is important.

It might be why I've struggled so much with the revision of Bloodline. It's our journey, Sven's and mine, to recollect our intrinsic worth. With that in mind, I have to make it work. I owe it to myself and my people to start this journey right. Sven and I deserve to start this thing with the proper heading. How we reach the end is anyone's guess, but I can make those first steps as graceful as they could ever hope to be.

With this new development in mind, I'm off to chip away at my journies.

Wish me luck! X-3